Stepping Stones: Dalmatian Jasper

Many stones have been endowed with protective properties, but Dalmatian jasper, which I heard about soon after being attuned to Level 1 Reiki, is one I’m particularly drawn to.


The name intrigued me; I imagined a white stone covered with little black dots (and naturally, that’s often what it looks like). Its reputation as helpful in healing for animals also made my ears prick up. I have two guide dogs: Kiefer, now retired but still living with us, will be thirteen in less than two weeks and has his share of old-dog troubles with arthritis, not to mention plates and screws in both hind legs; and Ecko, a three-and-a-half-year-old goof who often forgets just how big he is and has a knack for falling down stairs and running into walls. (And he’s my guide dog?!)

As I got deeper into doing “Soul Essence” work, I was also finding that obsidian alone wasn’t helping. I found myself feeling weighted down, clogged up, and with an underlying sense that I wasn’t good at what I was doing and had no business doing it.

My teacher, Maggie, was the one who suggested Dalmatian stone, so Ted ordered some tumbled stones on the Internet. I put some of them in a little dish beside my computer and musical keyboard and began working with the window cracked open.

Another couple of stones went into my pillowcase (along with the emerald wand, the hematite, and some black tourmaline … what a racket I made at night, and it wasn’t from snoring!).

And I chose one piece to carry in my pocket where I could touch it whenever I needed to.

Not long after the Dalmatian jasper’s arrival, Ecko had a hard day of playing with a puppy at my mother’s house, and the next morning, his left front leg was swollen, he was lame, and he didn’t want to go up and down the stairs.

Between Reiki, Dalmation jasper, and ice, the swelling and lameness were gone by that evening. (I would later learn that he has a bone chip in the elbow of that leg which went undetected. It’s too late to do anything for it now, because he’s developed arthritis in the surrounding joint.)

As for its effects on my work, I finally felt clear again. The dish still sits beside me on my desk, although there are fewer stones in it now. If it could be this helpful to me, and I have more than I need and also know where to go to get it if I run out, I can be generous with it and pass it on to others so they can experience its gentle nudge toward healing when they want it.

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