Stepping Stones: Hematite

Not long after the lilac wand incident, Ted and I visited the wandmaker again. He and his wife have collected an amazing array of stones, and the stones are everywhere in their house; in bowls and jars on any shelf or table, stacked, piled, or arranged in specific patterns everywhere.

I was beginning to explore how different stones felt energetically, and a large bowl of them had been poured out on the kitchen table. There were easily two hundred stones there, and I spent a long time touching them, picking them up and turning them over in my hands.

One little stone in particular caught my attention. It was very heavy, polished, a roundish lump about the size of a large but squished grape. I liked how it felt and was told it was hematite.

But I didn’t want to seem rude, so I put it back and we left.

Over the next week, though, I kept thinking about that little stone. At first, I dismissed it and thought I was just being silly. But when it kept coming up in my mind, I decided to see if I couldn’t have it.

I told Ted about it, and he told me to ask about it on our next visit.

So I did. The same big bowl was brought in and emptied on the table. Part of me didn’t think I’d be able to find the hematite among all those different stones, but another part must have known exactly where to look.

It took me less than a minute to find it, and this time, I had no misgivings about asking to take it home.


Hematite is a wonderful grounding stone, and this little piece began doing hard labor in that department for me. I didn’t fully understand the why of it, but I knew it felt good to carry it around in my pocket, occasionally taking it out to touch it and contemplate the heaviness and solidity of it.

I took a childlike approach to it, and I was delighted and fascinated to discover that magnets stuck to it (because of its high iron content). I put it under my pillow (with the emerald wand). Now, when I moved around in bed at night, I sounded like I was rolling in gravel!

The hematite made me remember a “pet” rock my grandmother had given me when I was five or so. I’d kept it all this time for sentimental reasons, but I began thinking about its energy.

So I dug it out of a dresser drawer, and I was off and running. Hematite led to ruined marble, to eye agate, to Dalmatian stone, black tourmaline, Herkimer diamonds, and it continues to this day.

I don’t know where I’ll end up with this stone-gathering, but I know just where it started; picking a tiny piece of hematite out of a pile of hundreds of other stones on a friend’s kitchen table.

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2 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Hematite”

  1. maggie Says:

    As your teacher, I had great faith that one day you would realize the wonders that God and Universe have set in motion for you and me and the world to see. All that you talk about to use my phrase are tools to put in our toolbelt, as we grow and expand our spiritual selfs we can use all of Gods wonders to help us understand that we truly are blessed children of Gods and Universe. To truly become one with All never forgetting our place along side of each stone, tree, and little critter. Keep up the good work and you can use my name if you would like instead of using your friends.

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Thanks for your comments on the “hematite” post and permission to use your name. I hope one person reads something on there and learns one thing. Also,
    it’s interesting to look back on lessons that we’ve learned and come up with a way to try and pass them on so they can be usefull to somebody else.

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