Into the Woods: Lessons in Lilac

My first wooden wand was a little lilac wand, and I acquired it by accident.

lilac wand

Ted had been visiting with a craftsman of wands who lived about twenty minutes away, and he kept saying I should come meet the man and his wife. But I was still stuck in my narrow mindset and thought I had no reason to go.

Finally, I decided I’d go once. At least that way, I figured, I’d fulfill my social obligation and be done with it. The universe, of course, had other things in mind.

I think that, for the most part, I’ve got a pretty clear-eyed approach to people, and as soon as I walked into their house, I knew these folks were real. What you saw was what you got; no pretenses, no masks, and absolute freedom to take them or leave them.

They talked a lot about the energies of different woods and stones, and I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t know anything, and I wasn’t about to pretend that I did. Most of what they said went over my head, but it was fascinating, especially to see a side of my own husband that I hadn’t seen before.

At some point, I was passed a little lilac wand. It was smooth, with a little ring carved around the handle.

For no reason that I could explain, as soon as I touched the wand, I started laughing and I couldn’t stop.

“Well, I guess that’s yours,” someone said, but I was too busy being overwhelmed with delight to register what was happening, and I certainly couldn’t argue coherently or logically, though I tried.

Most surprising to me was the concept that this piece of crafted wood, no more than three or four inches long, could call up such strong emotions in me. I couldn’t explain it and still can’t. But it was my first, strong object lesson in just what everyone had been talking about all along: different woods have different properties and different effects on us with their energies and attributes.

I went home with the little wand in my pocket. Every time I held it and focused my mind, that sense of joy came flooding back.

The wand was just the first of a series, and as my emerald was the door, this little piece of carved and polished lilac with the crack in it was the key.

I began opening up not only to what wood and stone felt like on an energetic level, but the fact that I could actually feel these things.

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for this little lilac wand. The crack in it is slowly getting bigger, and I know one day the wand will most likely just split open and need to be returned to the earth.

That, along with boundless delight, will be another lesson for me on letting go of things when they have outlasted their usefulness, or, perhaps to put it a better way, to not let physical things get hold of me.

Until then, though, I’m going to smile every time I touch it.

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