Stepping Stones: The Emerald Wand

I came to metaphysics by accident, and my first wand arrived by chance.

My husband, Ted, has always been interested in metaphysics. He had none of my misgivings (those coming from a Christian background) about exploring it, and he sought out crystals, wands, books and other tools to further his path.

In April of this year, we went out to dinner, and Ted mentioned that he had gotten an emerald wand. Now, I don’t know if it was a child’s fantasies about the Emerald City in the land of Oz, or a little girl’s perception of emerald as a stone worthy of a princess, but I do know that I lit up at the prospect of an emerald wand. I wanted to touch it, hold it.

Ted was just as surprised as I was by my reaction. But, when we got home, he gave me the wand. It was short, fat (a little fatter at one end than the other), round, and very smooth.

Emerald Wand

It was also cool. Not in the slangy way or in physical temperature, but in the way a secret meadow filled with thick, velvety grass might be. I liked the way the wand felt in my hands. And that coolness and quietness began to permeate my being.

My mind is always spinning, whether I’m thinking up something new or going over something old, or just wondering and wandering around somewhere in between. I had never found meditation easy, but suddenly, this wand was calming things down upstairs so I could begin to really explore.

I slept with the emerald wand under my pillow, and I began dreaming of owning a wand for every color of the rainbow (you know, all those other “princessy” jewel stones like ruby, topaz, sapphire, etc., etc.).

Well, one chance wand led to another: my first wooden wand was a little lilac one, and before long, I was studying Reiki, doing healings through musical composition.

Ted and I were talking about crystals and wands and metaphysics daily. How many times have we both shaken our heads in amazement at what one emerald wand started!

I still have it, of course, and I often touch it and am thankful for what it has unlocked. I don’t think we ever permanently “outgrow” wands. They serve purposes at specific times, get laid aside, picked up again. I don’t need the emerald for meditation much now. But every so often, I use it, because now I know what it, and I, can do.

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