Chakras and Musical Notes

The seven chakras are said to each resonate with a particular musical pitch, with the base chakra coinciding with C, the lowest note in a scale. This would make the crown chakra, highest of the seven, resonant with B.

However, since people, as reflections of universal energy or God, show that energy in infinite degrees and variations, I think that, rather than a single pitch, each person has a sort of “set point”, a tonal center that their being resonates around. Just as songs orbit around various keys but can change from major to minor, or go into different keys altogether, so do we.

Our “spiritual tonality” is constantly in motion, and we will respond differently to various music throughout our physical lifetime to reflect these shifts.

As a composer, discovering these infinite variations, organizing them in a meaningful way, and crafting a piece that will be meaningful for a listener is challenging, exhilarating, and an immense privilege.

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2 Comments on “Chakras and Musical Notes”

  1. Tina Says:

    Wow…thank you for the knowledge and insight. As I read this, I immediately was reminded of a verse in Corinthians- 1 Corinthians 13:1 (Whole Chapter)
    IF I [can] speak in the tongues of men and [even] of angels, but have not love (that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by God’s love for and in us), I am only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
    For so long, I was that noisy gong and clanging cymbal…but, with the Mighty Composer working through His gifted children, such as yourself, I am beginning to tune into and resonate the glorious sounds of His Majesty. Hallelujah!

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Thanks for your comments on the blog. I just put up another one because I haven’t really gotten through the whole discussion of what I was writing about
    in the first one (I also wanted to prove to myself that I could repeat what I’d learned this morning!)
    My husband has kept a Japanese blog for over a year now, and he committed himself to writing in it every day. I’m going to try and do that, although you
    can bet not every post will be about music (my favorite part of the subtitle is the “and more” because it gives me permission to write about anything,
    from in-depth discussions of the Psalms, to healing properties of different stones, to the difference between pity and compassion, even baseball and why
    I enjoy radio broadcasts of the New York Yankees …. oh, and dogs, and goats, and Braille, and who knows what?!)

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