Why Music is Meaningful

Hearing is the first sense we become aware of at birth, and it is the last to leave us when we die.

So music, with or without words, as an art form that taps into this sense, can be a powerful vehicle.

We use music to express deep emotions to one another: love, sorrow, our sense of belonging to one group or another, the sense of who we are through the stories, songs and dances we create.

We also use music to communicate with our spiritual sides, either through praise of God, prayerful supplication, or any other things we might want to say.

As a teacher of music, it is my responsibility to pass my knowledge of and joy in music on to my students, carrying on traditions while at the same time moving the art forward.

As a composer, my aim is to capture the essence of whatever is to be expressed and organize it in a way that will be meaningful for listeners.

As a performer, my intent is to act as an interpreter, taking the notes I see written on a page and playing in a way that shares the composer’s message with an audience.

But throughout all these areas, I find that the highest calling we have, whether we are working with students, playing for an audience, creating music for someone else, or participating in group music-making, is to stay true to music as a joyful, boundless expression of our relationship to the universe.

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